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That'll Be the Day

Buddy Holly


That'll Be the Day
1 You Are My One Desire 2'20
2 Blue Days Black Nights 2'01
3 Modern Don Juan 2'34
4 Rock Around With Ollie Vee 2'09
5 Ting A Ling 2'38
6 Girl On My Mind 2'15
7 That'll Be The Day 2'25
8 Love Me 2'03
9 I'm Changing All Those Changes 2'10
10 Don't Come Back Knockin 2'09
11 Midnight Shift 2'08
 Bonus Tracks: 
12 Rock Around With Ollie Vee (No 2) 

Changing All Those Changes


There was a previous edition (original 11 tracks) in 1994

The third album was also to be the last released whilst he was still alive.

As Buddy began to get chart success on Coral and Brunswick, his first label Decca quickly moved to capitalise on his new founds fame and gathered together eleven tracks that had been recorded for the label in 1956.

Four of these tracks had been issued as two singles during 1956, but disappointing sales for both had prompted Decca to abandon the album at the time and drop Buddy from the label.

Buddy had subsequently resurfaced at Coral/Brunswick with a career guided by producer Norman Petty and made regular forays onto the charts, including the number one hit That ll Be The Day.

Although the version that hit number one was a completely different version to the one that adorns this album, it did not stop Decca from capitalising on the title when they hurriedly released this album in April 1958.


Audio CD - MCA 112 100-2

ahcode: 13 - YBMRTG

the Great Buddy Holly

Also released as:

The Great Buddy Holly

No bonus tracks, and no "Ting A Ling"

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