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Holly In The Hills

/ Giant

Buddy Holly

  Holly In The Hills   Giant
1 I wanna play house with you 13 Love is strange
2 Door to my heart 14 Good rockin' tonight
3 Baby it's love
15 Blue Monday
4 I gambled my heart 16 Have you ever been lonely
5 Memories 17 Slippin' and slidin'
6 Wishing 18 You're the one
7 Down the line 19 Ummm oh yeah dearest
8 Soft place in my heart 20 Smokey Joe's cafe
9 Queen of the ballroom 21 Ain't got no home
10 Gotta get you near me blues 22 Holly hop
11 Flower of my heart    
12 You and I are through    

Audio CD 5 August, 2002
Label: Beat Goes On - BGOCD563

ahcode: 22-IDBIMW

‘Holly In the Hills’ was originally released on the Coral label in 1965 and ‘Giant’ in 1969 on the MCA record label.

Holly In the Hills’ was the result of the acquisition by Coral Records of undiscovered Buddy Holly recordings for release to his legion of fans everywhere. Most of the songs on this LP were recorded in 1955 and are the product of a personal and musical friendship between Buddy and his boyhood friend, Bob Montgomery.

‘Giant’ was put together after Buddy’s death, using tapes brought in by Buddy’s parents which were then transferred to a multi-track recorder. New instruments were then added by some greats from the music world: George Tomsco on guitar, Jimmy Gilmer on guitar, Doug Roberts on drums and Stan Lark on bass. [notes from BGO Records release notice]

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