The Buddy Holly Story Vol. II - Buddy Holly Now

The Buddy Holly Story Vol. II

2011 Label: Hallmark - The original vinyl album was released in 1960

  1. Peggy Sue Got Married (Buddy Holly) 2:05
  2. Well ... All Right (Holly, Joe Allison, Norman Petty, Joe B. Mauldin) 2:12
  3. What to Do (Holly) 1:54
  4. That Makes It Tough (Holly) 2:22
  5. Now We're One (Bobby Darin) 2:03
  6. Take Your Time (Holly, Petty) 1:56
  7. Crying, Waiting, Hoping (Holly) 2:04
  8. True Love Ways (Holly, Petty) 2:52
  9. Learning the Game (Holly) 2:03
  10. Little Baby (Petty, Holly, C. W. Kendall Jr.) 1:57
  11. Moondreams (Petty) 2:42
  12. That's What They Say (Holly) 2:20

Total length: 26:30


The cover above is the 'Hallmark' CD version from 2011. The reverse features a simple track listing.

An alternative version was released in Japan (below). The design was true to the vinyl original, and the reverse features the letter from Maria Elena Holly (lower).

The Buddy Holly Story Vol. II

A note from Mrs Buddy Holly.

Record company blurb:

"The unprecedented success of The Buddy Holly Story, released in the immediate aftermath of the singer's death in a plane crash in 1959 soon had executives at Coral scouring for other material they could put out for the public. A total of twelve tracks were unearthed, including several that had not been completed, to which studio overdubs were added to make them accessible. The album, whilst not hitting the heights of its predecessor, still made the Top Ten during its chart run and further enhanced Holly's reputation."