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All The Favorites

Buddy Holly


All The Favorites  - Buddy Holly
1 Peggy Sue Allison, Petty, Holly 
2 Heartbeat Petty, Montgomery 
3 Everyday Petty, hardin 
4 Maybe Baby Hardin, Petty 
5 Not Fade Away Hardin, Petty 
6 Oh Boy West, Tilghman, Petty 
7 That ll Be The Day Allison, Petty, Holly 
8 It s So Easy Holly, Petty 
9 Love Me Holly, Parish 
10 Early In The Morning Darin, harris 
11 I m Gonna Love You Too Mauldin, Petty, Sullivan 
12 Rave On West, Tilghman, Petty 
13 Little Baby Holly, Kendal, Petty 
14 Now We re One Darin 
15 Ready Teddy Blackwell, Marascaico 

This is an interesting collection, because it looks like the first time anyone has found a legal way of selling "Buddy Holly and the Picks" tracks without actually mentioning The Picks.

I haven't actually heard the album, but here's my theory: this disc is widely sold by all the usual suspects; BestBuy, Amazon etc; that suggests it is not a bootleg. But it has none of the usual licensing blurb (MCA / Universal, who own the copyright on the back catalogue). What it does say is:

Licensed by Play 24-7 Limited. This compilation (p) 2012 Play 24/7 Ltd, © Play 24/7 Ltd. All single artist tracks are by the original artist but may be re-recorded tracks. Featuring groups may be re-recorded and may not include all of the original group members.

Which, of course, covers a multitude of sins. The album features the weirdest photo I have ever seen of Buddy Holly (and I've seen a few). It appears to have been produced by someone who got photoshop for Christmas, but lost the instructions.

However, further research (by John Mathewson's daughter), has solved that mystery.

Buddy Holly Photoshopped (not by me!)
Buddy Holly & Waylon Jennings - 23-01-1959

The picture is an edited version of a photo taken in a New York photo booth with Waylon Jennings, 23 January 1959.


Released October 2012
Play 24-7 - 124-8
Barcode: 5 051503 81211

ahcode 15-PHEMNO

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