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Buddy Holly Now
1 Love Me   
2 Rock Around With Ollie Vee   
3 Changes All Those Changes I'm Changing All Those Changes 
4 That'll Be The Day   
5 Girl On My Mind   
6 Don't Come Back Knockin'   
7 Ting-A-Ling   
8 Rock Around With Ollie Vee   
9 Modern Don Juan   
10 You Are My One Desire   
11 Midnight Shift   
12 Blue Days, Black Nights   
13 That'll Be The Day   
14 That'll Be The Day   
15 Mona  
16Last Night  
17Not Fade Away   
18Come Back Baby  
19 Reminiscing    
20 Love Made A Fool Of You Love's Made A Fool Of You  
21 True Love Ways    
22 Moondreams    
23 Raining In My Heart    
24 It Doesn't Matter Anymore    

“Studio chat” & false starts on several tracks.

Interesting contents:
Track 3 has been mis-titled “Changes All Those Changes”
Tracks 2 & 8 are both versions of “Ollie Vee”.
Tracks 4 “That’ll Be The Day” is the full Decca version.
Track 13 “That’ll Be The Day”is the Brunswick promo
Track 14 “That’ll Be The Day”is the jingle for Murray Deutch of Southern Music.
Track 15 “Mona” fragments are quite rarely included.
Track 16 “Last Night”. No vocal backing.
Track 20 has been named “Love made a fool of you”.

From notes by John Mathewson


Release date Unknown - almost certainly 1990s.
Norvajak NVJ 821

ahcode 24-LRCTGD

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