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Not Fade Away: Remembering
Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly Now

Not Fade Away

Running Time 50 minutes
1 Intro  
2 Early days 
3 Elvis in Town 
4 The Cotton Club 
5 That'll Be The Day 
6 Norman Petty 
7 Niki Sullivan 
8 On Tour 
9 Wedding Bells 
10 Winter Dance Party 
11 The Overnight Bag 


The Crickets Live on TV, 1988

Running Time 20 minutes
12 T-Shirt 
13 Peggy Sue 
14 Hollywood 
15 Forever in Mind  
16 Rockin' Socks  
17 That'll Be The Day  

First shown in 1996 on UK television, this documentary looks at the life of Buddy Holly through a fan's perspective. Includes interviews, footage, and photos from around the world.

Includes Suzy Boggus, Dave Edmunds, Nanci Griffith, Buddy Holly (archive footage), Waylon Jennings and Mark Knopfler. Written & presented by Philip Norman

Review by Scottish Onion:

Mainly this is just a film about a bunch of people covering Buddy's work. We get to see them in the studio talking about how they think they can stay true to the music. There are clips of them recording the music and sitting around. Also shown are extensive footage of The Crickets. Interviews with some of them proceed and they wax nostalgic about Buddy and Maria Elena.

There are some good glimpses of rare photos, some anecdotes and some color moving film of Buddy. Not a recap of his life and times per se, but good nevertheless. The CD contains interpretations of Buddy's work, so don't expect to hear some of your favorites. These songs have been stripped down and taken to the next level as shown in the documentary.


Released 1996
Antelope Productions / Spere Works

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