Buddy Holly Volume 6 - In Style / It Doesn't Matter Any More  - Buddy Holly Now

Volume 6

In Style / It Doesn't Matter Any More

Buddy Holly

1992 - Label: TNT Laser label - CD 57320/7008

In Style: The Crickets

  1. More Than I Can Say 2:39
  2. Rockin Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flue 1:58
  3. Great Balls Of Fire 1:57
  4. Ting-A-Ling 2:37
  5. Just This One 2:01
  6. Deborah 2:16
  7. Baby My Heart 2:12
  8. When You Ask About Love 2:05
  9. Time Will Tell 2:13
  10. A Sweet Love 2:05
  11. I Fought The Law 2:13
  12. Love's Made A Fool Of You 2:02

It Doesn't Matter Anymore - Buddy Holly and the Crickets

  1. Wishing 2:03
  2. You're The One 1964 1:32
  3. What to Do* 1965 1:55
  4. Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie 1963 1:55
  5. Love Is Strange* 1969 3:04
  6. It Doesn't Matter Anymore 1958 2:05
  7. Words of Love 1957 1:56
  8. Maybe Baby* 1966 1:55
  9. That's My Desire 1966 2:26
  10. Well ... All Right 1958 2:15
  11. Dearest* 1964 1:53
  12. Love's Made a Fool of You* 1964 2:00
  13. Peggy Sue Got Married* 1964 1:52
  14. Message from Mr and Mrs Holley [see below] 1964 1:21

*Fireballs backing track added.

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Digital Series Co-ordinator - Bill Hall
Digital Producer - Eddy Rogers
Digital Engineers - Dick Nottingham, Marty Killen
Digital Mastered at BCR Recording Studios, New York City 1992

Mrs Holley: "This is a message from the parents of Buddy Holly.

We are deeply grateful and happy because of the evidence of your love and admiration for our son and his songs.

A love and admiration which has lingered on through the years and which we feel is real. We had not expected this continued interest and feeling for Buddy and his songs from his many fans, and from our home here in America, we feel rather helpless and inadequate in our desire and effort to express to you our deep appreciation.

Just how much this means to us, and the pleasure we have derived from it, we feel you may never quite know. In all sincerity, we send our love and thanks. And now Buddy's dad wants to say a few words."

Mr Holley: "First of all, I want to say thanks to all of Buddy's fans.

At the time of Buddy's death, as perhaps you can understand, we were undecided as to whether we should release the songs that we had left, but due to the great response from his fans everywhere, we realised that this would be a mistake, that we should share our treasure with his fans.

We are now glad that we did, and they have rewarded us greatly in many ways.

Our sincere thanks to each fan and to everyone who has a part in keeping Buddy's name and memory alive and popular."

[Mr Holley's message may have transcription errors]